Effects of Sleeping on your Stomach

There are so many of us that are guilty of this. Sleeping on our stomach. It’s comfortable, warm, and feels so right.  Unfortunately, we’re so wrong.  There are potential risks we are putting ourselves in while sleeping on our stomach.  Let’s discuss: 

Back Pain
Sleeping on your stomach can cause strain on the back and spine. But why? Most of our weight is in the middle of our body, making it difficult to stay in a neutral spine position while sleeping. Stress on the spine acts like a butterfly effect.  The spine contains a ton of nerves; with stress on them can cause pain just about anywhere.  Stress on the spine can also cause that “fallen asleep” tingle and                                                                                  numbness feeling in parts of your body.

Neck Pain
Sleeping on your stomach automatically means you’re turning your head to the side.  This starts a misalignment to our neck.  This doesn’t happen over night, but does build over time.  Over time, we can get a herniated disk within our neck.  This happens when there is a rupture of the gelatinous disk between your vertebrae.  The gel bulges from the disk and irritates the nerves.

If you really can’t sleep on your back, there are tips to help these complications.  Try sleeping without a pillow, or use a thin pillow, to help out your neck.  You can place a pillow under your pelvis to help your back, taking pressure off your spine. Stretch in the morning.  This can help the misalignment you’re causing your body to go through.  Helping your body will allow you to continue sleeping on your stomach.