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For some people the cost of a home gym is unrealistic and just too much usable space taken up by heavy weights and racks. With machines, racks, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells that could all be priced within $150-$1500 depending on the equipment a home gym is unrealistic to most. However, if one is fortunate enough to have even some of that equipment (I personally have interchangeable dumbbells that go up to 55 lbs. and down to 5 lbs. as well as a bench but no squat rack though) they can be used to get a quality pump at home and feel almost like walking out of a gym. 

If money is tight and you just cannot seem to get equipment in your house do not worry! (Refer to article on body weight fitness) Body weight exercises can train functional stability and movement better than using equipment. Body weight exercises allow you to train your spatial recognition of the body in space, as well as, functional movements beneficial to joint and tendon stability. Exercises like push-ups, dips, squats/jump squats, lunges, running in place, etc., are all relatively stress free exercises on the joints as compared to lifting with weights. With all exercise, form is most important. (For form reference view Ace Fitnesses top 25 at home)

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Alcohol & Exercise

When your body recognizes that there is alcohol present, it stops metabolizing fat and sugar, and starts metabolizing the alcohol.  This just means that you will burn less fat because your body is busy, “being drunk,” or metabolizing the alcohol instead.

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TRX/Jungle Straps

TRX / Jungle Straps workout your body and help improve strength, stability, and tone your muscles. The best part about the TRX straps is that you have the ability to take them anywhere!

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Competition is an important key in the world of sports.  A lot of people argue that competition is not good for children, your emotions, and self image. 

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Exercising at Different Altitudes

The human body best performs at sea level. People who are natives to regions of high altitude have a greater chest capacity, and effectively use whatever oxygen there is to deliver it to their tissues. When people who do live closer to sea level travel to places of higher altitude, they are often in for a surprise.

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Building the Perfect Program

Most of us are not collegiate or professional athletes, so googling the new trend in weight lifting most likely will not benefit us, especially if we don’t know how to do it correctly.  Focus on perfecting the basic lifts first before you venture out and experiment advanced movements.

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Muscular Hypertrophy

Muscle hypertrophy means an increase in the size of muscle cells.  Weight training can increase our muscle strength as well as our muscle size.  It is best to understand what our bodies are going through in order to get the results we desire.

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Eat Drink Workout

Working out can be exhausting, and sometimes our body needs refueling.  After a day of pumping iron, put some energy back into your body with these powerhouse foods to keep up the good work.

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iFoam Roll ~ Nick Stahl

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. If your fascia is tight in one area, you might feel pain somewhere else. Foam rolling is a self-massage technique, which improves and increases blood flow and circulation in the body.

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