Beef gelatin is a supplement that can be used in meals or drinks for those who have digestive problems with meats. Some people’s stomachs cannot break down the proteins in meats as efficiently. Beef gelatin is boiled down animal bone, cartilage and skin that is boiled to extract the collagen. This collagen is then used to form the gelatin that can be used. Substituting beef gelatin is a viable way for people with digestive issues to get necessary protein requirements. The process of boiling the animal down to collagen basically skips a step that our digestive tract would have to take to break down and absorb these proteins and since this product can be used in drinks (i.e. tea, water, coffee) it is more easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines.


            An online store that sells a non-gluten form of this product is Vital Proteins ( Benefits that are labeled are the amount of collagen per serving (20 g) and that it helps with skin, hair, nails and joint support. In many reviews on the website people speak about the way it has helped with digestive issues caused by food previously upsetting to their stomach.

The unique thing about this product is that it is unflavored. When I fill my smoothies with this, I can not even taste the collagen I have added. My favorite smoothie flavor is Strawberry Banana. I cannot get enough and it’s so simple. Add extra stevia if you have a sweet tooth!

Collagen Beauty Products

Collagen functions to help keep many other parts of the body healthy. However, it slows in production from the age of 20. Adding a daily supplement has the potential to help bone, muscle, heart, and joint health, plus the added benefit of gaining a younger and more radiant skin look.

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Collagen Whey Protein

Benefits of collagen and whey supplements include but is not limited to improvement in hair, skin, gut, muscle, cardiovascular and joint health. Introducing direct sources of collagen can lead to healthier connective tissue in the body.

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Starting your day off with a healthy smoothie can have great benefits to your health and overall well-being. Higher levels of folic acid found in greens can help fight against depression. Shakes/smoothies help people get the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables recommended each day.

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Fish Oil

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which our body cannot naturally produce.  Fish oil is a good source of Vitamins A and D as well.  Fish oil has so many benefits, and is used to help a lot of conditions.

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CBD: Cannabidiol

CBD’s effect is to only effect your body positively and give you relaxation.  The medical potential of CBD has been a hot topic in the ever growing cannabis world. This chemical compound is completely non-psychoactive so it will not get you “high.”

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