Gain or Lose Body-Weight (Vital Proteins)

Like weight loss, weight gain deals with caloric intake and output and also must be done in a healthy way. In order to gain good weight, simply add approximately 500-1000 calories each day (based on caloric output as well) in order to see healthy gains of 1-2 pounds of muscle per week. Focus on nutrient rich foods and snacks like beans, nuts & seeds and your vegetables which all are nutrient dense food choices.


A great way to gain weight in cohesion with eating right is to exercise using strength-training. Building stronger and bigger muscles will ultimately increase your mass. To gain weight fast, I highly recommend training your lower body (thigh/glute muscles) regularly as a majority of your body mass come from these muscles. Full-body development is also crucial to overall weight gain; your workout program should focus on each and every muscle. To build bigger muscles faster, always manipulate your workouts. Example given, taper your workouts to include higher weights & lower repetitions to shock your muscles, tearing them further to indirectly promote more muscle growth inversely related to proper recover.

When speaking about weight loss, there are both healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight. Weight loss is similar to your fitness goals in a fundamental principle of changing daily habits to be consciously healthy. Weight loss starts by having control of your caloric intake and output throughout the day. To lose weight you would theoretically need to be expending more calories throughout the day then you are putting into your body. For weight loss, this puts an emphasis on choosing healthy foods & sound nutrition habits. Example given, being able to read food labels and counting calories. Losing weight also stresses the importance of regular exercise throughout the week. It is recommended that people aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week because it has been seen that this leads to long-term success of keeping weight off.

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When losing weight, try to eat a diet high in fiber. Example given, eat a salad every single day! Drinking water can ease hunger and prevent unnecessary calorie consumption so be sure to remain well hydrated! You may even think you are hungry but in reality you are just thirsty. Another unusual way to promote weight loss is shockingly to not restrict yourself from foods you like but rather moderate them to your caloric intake. If you completely cut yourself off, this can cause cravings which in turn could lead to binge eating. Also, do not think you need to starve yourself to lose weight; your body needs proper nutrients to keep functioning properly.

Whether your intentions right now are to gain or lose weight. You can always choose Vital Proteins. Like in my early days when I was trying to put on weight. I was only able to physically eat so many calories per day, adding 2-3 shakes per day is a super easy, yet tasteful way to consume the additional calories. Conversely if you are dieting down and trying to cut excess pounds, you could target our supps in capsule form that contain added vitamins and nutrients your diet needs. Or go for liquid forms of supplementation such as our Collagen water, collagen shots or our collagen beauty glow to keep the cals low and still meet your daily protein goal. Supplement a trusted brand like Vital Proteins!