Collagen Whey Protein


            Collagen is the major fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix and the connective tissues in animals. Collagen taken as a supplement has a great number of benefits. To get to the collagen animal bones, tendons and muscles are boiled for a long time to be able to extract the collagen. Different gelatin are good sources of collagen but collagen also comes in a whey protein and collagen supplement that could be added to any liquid or even in desserts. You can find a form of collagen whey protein on Vital Proteins website ( They suggest enjoying their powder in a smoothie, a dessert, or in a glass of water and have a variety of flavors that this product comes into2.


            Some of the benefits of collagen and whey are skin, hair, gut and muscle health improvements1. It could also help with muscle and heart muscle efficiency and health. It helps the skin and hair by helping with elasticity and hydration. It is also a major protein in connective tissue which strengthens the connections between muscles and vessels to promote cardiovascular and muscular health. Collagen can also help maintain joint integrity in order to alleviate stresses and pains.

I have supplemented different types of Whey Protein from the time I started lifting weights in 8th grade. This is when I first started adding protein shakes into my diet. Most recently in 2018, I started to supplementing different types of Collagen Peptides from my sponsor Vital Proteins. Vital Proteins also has a mix called, Collagen Whey Proteins. My favorite flavor is Dark Chocolate & Coconut Water. I would recommend Collagen Peptides because not only do they built muscle, the Collagen Peptides are great for your hair, skin and nails. It’s a win win. #StayVital #VitalProteins