Weighted Vest


Weighted vests are great to add intensity to your training, whether it is for speed or strength.  Weighted vests such as those from Mir, can take you to the next level.  They are also great for those who enjoy body weight exercises and want to kick the intensity up a bit.  You can wear it on a hike, a walk around the neighborhood, or even completing household chores!

There are 4 major benefits to using weighted vests:

-Boosting Fat Burn: Using the weighted vest will intensify your workout, which is extremely important for fat loss.  High intensity workouts are proven to burn more fat than those of moderate intensity.  The high intensity forces your body to use more energy, and it gets that energy from your fat stores.  Get sweaty and shred in your vest!

-Boost Core Strength: The core is used as a stabilizer muscle in pretty much every workout you do.  The added weight of the vest will challenge your core to carry more weight than it is used to.  Whether or not you are doing a core workout, you will notice the difference in your core from wearing a weighted vest.

-Boost Muscle and Bone Strength: Your musculoskeletal system is forced to be stronger by adding a weighted vest to your workout regimen.  The strain on your bones allows the bones to adapt by becoming more dense (which helps resist osteoporosis as you age) and growing more connective tissue to support your stronger muscles.  As your musculoskeletal system becomes stronger, your stability increases and the risk for injury decreases. 

-Boost Cardiovascular Benefits: Adding extra weight from a weighted vest increases the intensity of your workout, which increases metabolic/energy cost as well as the need for your lungs and heart to deliver more oxygen and blood to your muscles.  This will increase your heart and lung function to allow your body to efficiently consume oxygen, therefore increasing your VO2Max.

Many people choose to use Mir vests because of how durable it is and comfortable on the skin.  It does not lead to rashes or irritation and does not restrict you in any way.  The adjustable straps allow you to fit the vest to your own body no matter who is using it (one size fits most).

Mir offers different weighted vests ranging from 10-90 lbs depending on which style. My Mir vest is 40 lbs. in total. The weights are also adjustable in increments of 3 lbs. I like this design best because it fits much more securely around the upper body compared to other vests I have used in the past. As you can see in my picture above, the side straps run directly under the armpit. The vest is loaded in the upper body both front and back for optimal performance.  When adjusting the weight of the vest, it is recommended to equalize the weight front and back to reduce risk of injury. There is a design for female users for maximum comfort with the same weight ranges and weight increments.