Hydrating with Collagen Water (Vital Proteins)


There are countless benefits to staying hydrated! Our team at Vital Proteins decided to make this easier for you by launching a line of flavored Collagen Waters. Most people find drinking an excessive amount of water difficult and annoying. Adding our Collagen Water into your routine will make this lifestyle change much easier and you will be receiving all of the additional benefits of collagen. Collagen strengthens & improves your joints, bones, skin, hair & nails to name a few!

When you initially increase your water intake, you’re going to find yourself feeling a little more bloated and you will be going to the bathroom a lot more than usual, haha. But, luckily both of these things will pass once your body adjusts to consuming a larger amount of water. Setting a goal of drinking a gallon of water throughout the day can be beneficial to every adult. Below are some of the positive effects that you may experience when consuming the proper amount of water each day.

1. Better Workouts

You need to be hydrated to sweat and stay cool during your workouts. Water assists in the transport of oxygen and glucose throughout your body which allows for a longer, more effective workout. 

2. Help Cut Out Unnecessary Calories

Drinking water throughout the day will keep your body feeling full and satisfied. You will notice that you are no longer craving those sugary drinks or unhealthy snacks. Your body will begin to want to fuel itself with things that are good for you. 

3. Increase your Metabolism

In order to get rid of fat, the enzyme called Lipase must be activated. Water is essential to the activation of lipase. 

4. Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

When you are dehydrated your body tends to retain extra water under your eyes causing that common under eye puffiness. If you are drinking a gallon of water a day, your body is flushing out the extra sodium in your body which will decrease the amount of puffiness around your eyes. 

5. You will Feel Better

If you are well hydrated your body will feel healthier, your skin will look healthier and overall you will feel better about yourself. You will have more energy, feel less sluggish and begin to look more carefully as to what you are putting into your body.

By setting a goal to drink a gallon of water throughout the day, you will experience the many amazing benefits of a well-hydrated lifestyle!

Vital Proteins Collagen water will make this transition consuming more water much easier, as all of the collagen water flavors taste great! Their flavors include, strawberry lemon, lemon ginger, lemon slice, blueberry mint and blackberry hibiscus. My personal favorite is lemon ginger! #UNCAPYOURPOTENTIAL