Is Your Honey Real?

What is Real Honey?


Real honey comes straight from a bee, not a factory. It is pure floral nectar. Honey does not require any additions or preservatives. It comes straight from the bee, to honey combs, and then into a container. Real honey has many benefits such as the reduction of LDL Cholesterol and an increase in HDL Cholesterol, it contains antioxidants and nutrients from plant compounds. But, if the honey you are eating is not pure honey, these benefits are irrelevant. 

What is "Fake" Honey?

Fake honey contains added sugars, corn syrup, molasses, starch or any other added substance. 

How to tell the difference?

To start, unless the honey is organic or states that it is pure, it is probably not real honey. It is also difficult to determine real honey by the look or taste because of the various flower nectars that make up honey. There are various tests to determine whether the honey you're eating is real or not. The match test is when you dip the tip of a match in honey, if it still lights afterwards then it is pure. For the egg yolk test, if you mix honey with an egg yolk it will appear as if it is cooked, if it is fake honey you will see no differnce in the yolk. 

There are many benefits to pure honey but sadly it can be difficult determining the difference between real and fake honey if you are not informed. My suggestion is to find a local bee keeper and let that be your source of honey.