Stop Food Cravings


Food cravings are the absolute worst.  They are uncontrollable desires for specific food, and can be more intense than actual hunger.  The typical cravings include junk food high in sugar.  To stop your cravings and actually achieve your goals, try these.

Drink Water
Thirst is often confused with hunger.  Instead of falling for your food cravings, try drinking water and wait a few minutes to see if your cravings fade away. Drinking water can help reduce appetite and help you lose weight. 

Eat More Protein
Increasing your protein content can reduce your appetite and help you from overeating.  Increasing your protein especially for breakfast can help curb cravings.  

Go do something when you feel a craving.  Take a walk, shower, shift your mind onto something else.  A change can help you stop the craving.

Plan Your Meals
Planning your meals can help you eliminate cravings.  Knowing what you’re eating can help you focus on everything else.

Avoid Hunger
To avoid getting super hungry, eat healthy snacks.  Hunger is one of the top reasons for cravings.  

Fight Stress
Stress can make food cravings more intense.  Under stress, we tend to eat more calories and food that is typically considered junk food.  

Mindful Eating
Eating mindfully causes you to be present while eating and chewing thoroughly. Take out the distractions, and pay attention to when you’re full.  Allow yourself to eat, putting down the fork in between bites to really gauge if you’re full.  It will help you stop eating impulsively.  

Sleep deprivation leads to poor appetite regulation and cravings.  Getting good sleep can help your hormones, which can help your appetite.  

Eat Proper Meals
Lack of nutrients can cause cravings.  Eating proper meals helps you get nutrients necessary and help you stop cravings.  It will also help you stop feeling hungry after eating.

Don’t Grocery Shop Hungry
Grocery stores have everything at your fingertips.  Letting yourself have access to things you’re craving is one way to ruin your goals. Go to the store after eating, it’ll make your grocery shopping more focused on necessities.