Epsom Salt Baths


Epsom Salt is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound composed of magnesium and sulfate.  It can be utilized as a natural remedy for a number of ailments.  Epsom Salt has beneficial properties that can help the mind, body, and soul.  It has been shown to relax the nervous system, help skin problems, soothe pain, relieve tension, ease muscle strain, heal cuts, treat colds and congestions, and draw toxins from the body.  


Eases Stress and Relaxes the Body
Stress can actually drain the body of magnesium and increase levels of adrenaline.  Epsom Salt baths can help the body absorb and replenish levels of magnesium. Magnesium helps our body produce serotonin, a chemical that stimulates the feeling of calm and relaxation. Magnesium can also increase energy and reduce irritability. 

Relieves Pain and Muscle Cramps
Epsom Salt baths ease pain and relieve inflammation.  It can be utilized to treat sore muscles, bronchial asthma, and migraine headaches.  An Epsom Salt bath can also help heal cuts and reduce soreness caused from childbirth.  Epsom Salt also softens the skin and helps with body odor. 

Helps Muscles and Nerves Function Properly
Epsom Salt can help regulate the electrolytes in our body. This ensures proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and enzymes.  Magnesium is necessary for our body to properly use calcium, which helps the electric impulses to our brain and body.

Makes Insulin More Effective
The effectiveness of our insulin in the body can be increased by magnesium and sulfate.  This can help lower the risk of diabetes, as well as reduce the severity of diabetes.

Eliminates Toxins
Sulfates in Epsom Salt can help flush toxins and heavy metals, which can ease muscle pain.  Adding Epsom Salt to your bath water can trigger reverse osmosis.  This process is when salt is pulled out of your body, as well as harmful toxins.