Nutritional Information on Crepes


Crepes originated in France and are similar to pancakes!  They are larger and thinner than pancakes and can normally be found stuffed with fruit, meats, cheese, and more, depending on what meal of the day it is.  I have often eaten crepes for breakfast and dessert filled with strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and topped with Nutella.  Crepes are a French food staple but can also be found in restaurants around the world. 

Nutrition information may vary due to different recipes.  General nutrition facts are listed below:


Crepes contain fewer calories than other breakfast food items because they are so thin.  Typically, a 10-inch diameter crepe will contain 90 calories, compared to 94 calories in an American pancake with a 4-inch diameter.  Two scrambled eggs (with yolk) have 140 calories.


Being relatively low in fat, a 10-inch crepe contains 3g of fat with 1 of those grams being saturated fat.  This is decently low.  The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 16g of saturated fat per day as saturated fat can increase cholesterol levels, putting you at higher risk for heart disease.


A single 10-inch crepe has 13g of carbohydrates compared to a 4-inch pancake with 18g of carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates give your body energy, which can be good to consume before taking part in energy consuming activities.


A 10-inch crepe contains 1 less gram of sugar than a 4-inch pancake, which has 4g of sugar.  Sugar is not very nutrient dense or filling so add natural sugars such as fruit for nutrients.


Crepes do not contain that much protein.  One 10-inch diameter crepe contains 4g of protein which is half that of a glass of cow’s milk.  Add something like Greek yogurt or nut butter to get the benefits protein has on growth and repair in your body’s tissues.



Each crepe holds about 9% of the suggested daily sodium intake.  It is important to not consume foods with too much sodium as it increases blood pressure and fluid retention in the body.  Adding processed meats like turkey, bacon, and ham will highly increase your daily sodium intake, so be weary of these additions to your crepe. 


The 10-inch crepe itself with no additions, contain 13% of the American Heart Association suggested daily intake of cholesterol.  Remember, too much cholesterol can put you at risk for heart disease.