Tips to be More Productive


Being productive can be hard, but once you get in a groove, you can’t stop.  It takes hard work, determination, time, and sometimes, practice.  Here are some tips to help you be productive.  

Peak Levels
There are peak times for your productivity, when you get the most done.  Schedule your most important tasks during these times to help you get it done.

Work Out
Daily exercise boosts productivity. It also helps you stay healthy to remain productive.

Worst First
Do your worst task first, you’ll have the most energy, and getting it done will feel so good.  It will create momentum for your next task, as well as give you a “victory tone”. 

Catch the Worm
Early bird gets the worm? You know it!  Early starts give you more time to be available for work, letting you achieve more. 

Batching tasks together can help you handle your tasks.  Do all your calls, emails, errands, in batches to help you really move your tasks along.

Stay on schedule, or show up early.  Being punctual gives a buffer in case of any unexpected responsibilities.

Don’t let yourself second guess yourself.  Know your reasons for doing something so you can go in confident and not let your conversation backtrack.

One and Done
When your day is almost over, finish one final task, then make that it. Don’t keep getting distracted by half-done tasks, you need to move on.

Create Agendas
Having a clear schedule or agenda can keep you in line.  It helps you keep your expectations in check and make you feel accomplished when you mark off a task.

Having rewards in place for early or even on time completion of your tasks can give you a push to work. And, it makes your work a tad more enjoyable.