Skipping Rope Variations


Basic Skipping
This variation is the norm.  You will be using your wrist to bring the rope in front of your nose to under your feet to behind your head and over.  You will jump every revolution. This traditional jumping will exercise your full body. 

Backwards Skipping
This variation is the very same as the basic, except with the rope moving in the opposite direction.  Continue jumping every revolution.

Cross Step Skipping
This variation causes you to be more in tune with your body.  Every revolution you will cross and uncross your feet.  To make this more difficult, alternate what foot you bring in front.  

Scissor Skipping
This variation is like the cross step skipping. Except you will bring one foot forward and the other towards the back.  In the next revolution you will switch feet.  

One Foot Hop
This variation targets legs separately.  You will hop on one foot in each revolution.  You can continue hopping on the one foot for as long as you’d like before switching to the other.  Or you can switch during every revolution.  

Two At a Time Skipping
This variation is somewhat difficult.  For this you will kick with one foot for every two revolutions.  Switch between legs after every kick.  

Ski Skipping
During each revolution you will jump your feet together from side to side.  It will be like you are jumping through the snow like you would skiing.