Reasons to Stop Drinking Cow's Milk


Milk is a controversial topic, but what does science say about drinking milk?  There could potentially be health problems that are associated with consuming milk. Here is a list of reasons to quit drinking milk.

Broken Bones
Women who consume a lot of dairy milk daily have a higher percentage of bone fractures than those who drank little to no milk.

Prostate Cancer
There is evidence that indicates milk can increase the risk of prostate cancer.  Having a dairy-free diet has been found to slow the progress of prostate cancer. 

Lactose Intolerance
Cow’s milk contains lactose, a sugar, that can be difficult for people to digest.  Having an intolerance to lactose can cause nausea, cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Lactose Intolerance can develop later in life.

Consuming dairy milk can increase the popularity and severity of acne. 

In one serving of milk, it can contain as much as 24 mg of cholesterol.  

Ovarian Cancer
Women who consume four or more servings of dairy products every day increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer by nearly double.  

Being allergic to milk cause cause serious reactions, like vomiting or anaphylaxis.

There is a percentage of cows that are pumped with antibiotics.

Saturated Fat
One serving of whole milk contains over 20 percent of the recommended daily allowance of saturated fat.  One serving of 1 percent milk has 8.

Weight Gain
Milk is actually fattening, and can actually cause weight gain.  Replacing pop with milk does not lead to weight loss.

Bone loss
Contrary to belief, animal protein in dairy products can have a calcium-leaching effect.