Flats Are Bad for Your Feet

A Big Trend in Footwear, are Flats. 


We assume heels are the culprits to painful feet, but flats are no better.  Flats don’t always fit well on our foot.  The shoes could be too tight or the heel could be too low.  Having no heel can cause the distribution of pressure in a step to be concentrated and strained.  This can cause injuries in the feet, legs, hips, and even the torso.  Another problem could be plantar fasciitis, pain and inflammation across the bottom of the foot.  This happens because the hard pressure you place on the heel as you take a step.

What can you do?

For the current pain, you can foam roll.  Take the foam roller and put your weight on it for your legs, shins, and feet.  If you don’t have a foam roller, try a tennis ball.  Rolling your foot on a tennis ball can relieve tension and pain.  To continue wearing your flats, you can get orthotics or over the counter shoe inserts.  You simply could also just stop wearing flats.  I know they can be your go to, because who honestly wants to wear heels all the time, but try finding shoes that have even just a slight lift.  That can help your pain.  Or, if fashion isn’t the most important thing, you can wear sneakers.  Sneakers can be so comfortable and the most painless for your feet.