Damaging Effects Of Heat On Your Hair


Heat protection for your hair should be an essential part of your routine. There is an increased incidence in the use of heat styling tools, which has increased the popularity of very straight hairstyles. Straightening irons may produce short-term benefits, mainly for your appearance, but also for smoother feeling, soft, shiny hair. With minimized frizz, hair moves in an attractive, flowing motion.

Heat styling makes use of the water set process. Basically, water is a
plasticizer for hair and when it is removed, it creates additional internal structuring, which is enough to hold the style in place until it is wet again. In reality, the induced changes slowly relax as hair re-absorbs water, which is why your hair tends to lose its style when it is humid. Frequently, heat styling tools can reach temperatures as high as 450°F. Many people describe their hair as “smoking” when they are styling it with heat. When temperatures of these styling tools surpasses the temperature of boiling water, it produces damaging effects on your hair.

When your hair is dehydrated, not only does it feel straw-like, but it also causes frizz, and results in hair that is less bouncy. The extremely high temperatures of flat-irons and curling irons create intense conditions that cause water to rapidly flash off from the interior of the hair shaft. The rapid boil causes ruptures within the hair’s cuticle, leaving gaping spots in the hair, which in turn leads to split ends and breakage. Heat styling tools also cause protein damage. The heat softens the keratin, which adversely affects the strength, elasticity, curl, shine, and texture of the hair. High temperatures also cause oxidation of pigments in the hair. The fading is especially pronounced in artificially colored red, auburn, and lighter brunette shades.

Heat protectants are very effective in reducing thermal trauma. Heat protectants have a purpose to maximize and seal in moisture as much as possible. The spray coats the strand of hair in a film through which water cannot diffuse.