Where is Collagen Sourced From?


Collagen can be sourced from many different animals on land and in marine life, but the types of collagen they produce have different benefits. The human body can produce Type I, II, and III collagen fibers. These are the three types of collagen that you will find in Vital Proteins line of supplements.

Type II are important for cartilage, ligament, and gut lining so people with joint and digestive issues may want to look into foods that stimulate production of this because it is not commonly found in collagen powders produced from cows. Cow hides can be used to produce Type I and III while chicken bones and cartilage is a good source of type II collagen. Marine life is a good source of Type I collagen as well and can be beneficial for the tautness and elasticity of skin/hair.

Now there are several good sources of collagen producing promoters to help you increase your collagen intake. The two most effective and enriched sources of collagen to directly take in would be gelatin and bone broths. These are direct extractions of collagen through the boiling of bones, cartilage, and ligaments. Vital proteins carries two different types of collagen bone broths. One being chicken and the other beef.


One dietary means to increase your collagen is consuming egg whites or white fish like Cod. They contain glycine and proline, the two amino acids necessary to create collagen. Vitamin C is also key in the production of collagen so increasing intake of this could help to boost your levels of production.