Snacks for the Beach!

Summer is One of The Best Seasons, If Not The Best!!

Summer is filled of bonfires, beaches, and friends. It’s the time to kick back and just enjoy.  A lot of people enjoy summer vacation with trips to the beach. Sometimes, on vacation we enjoy a little too much bubbly and not enough healthy foods.  Vacation is for ignoring responsibilities, eating extra calories, and soaking up the sun. But, we can have good snacks for when we are lounging. 


Watermelon is a great choice for vacation eats.  It has phytochemicals that can protect our skin from harmful UV rays.  Of course, sunscreen is still necessary, but watermelon can give you an extra boost of safety.  Not only that, watermelon is super tasty, refreshing, and hydrating.

Banana + Peanut Butter:

Sweet and salty is always a good answer.  Bananas will help you with some potassium, fiber and vitamins B6 and C. While peanut butter will help fill you up and it’s super tasty.  What’s even better is adding a slice of whole-grain bread or toast and it will keep you filled to enjoy your beach time.


Carrots are jam packed with vitamins and minerals. It also protects your skin from the sun! If raw carrots on their own don’t get your taste buds ready, just add a Greek yogurt dip or some hummus!  


This bean is rich in fiber, protein, and is an energy boosting carbohydrate.  It’s a great snack for munching on! 


Water is super important for being out in the sun, especially if you’re drinking.  Add some lemon, mint, or cucumber to your water.  If that doesn’t interest you, try an iced tea.  Green tea and black tea also protect your skin.