Rest Recovery

Working out is hard work, especially when you have concrete goals in mind.  It can be hard to skip a day for rest because you just want results.  And sometimes, it’s hard to get back into working out when we do allow ourselves to rest.  Whatever you’re worried about, you need to understand the importance of rest each day.

Lots of fitness programs today have prolonged workouts, with the frantic feeling of stress. A lot underline that you must be hitting certain marks to feel progress.  The stress of that can cause your body to shut down.  Progress should be on your own time. Having stress, physiologically our bodies can get injured like stress fractures, muscle strains, joint pain, and just total an overused feeling.  

Exercise is important, but so is resting. Inadequate rest can hurt your body’s ability to recover.  Without proper rest, you can see a decrease in performance.  Your body gets tired. Not letting your body properly recover, you can have the side effects of fatigue, altered hormonal states, poor sleeping patterns, reproductive disorders, decreased immunity, loss of appetite, and mood swings. 

So what should the game plan be? Allow your body at least one full day of rest before working out the same or similar muscle groups. The weekly recommended exercise prescription for adults is getting 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio. That’s just 30 to 60 minutes of working out five days a week. Or, if you prefer vigorous working out, 20 to 60 minutes three days a week.  

Resting lets your body not only recover, but it is part of the process of building muscle, strength, and endurance. Allowing the repairs gives you your gains. Working out tears your muscles, while resting allows it to rebuild, ultimately getting larger, stronger, and better. 

Make sure you’re sleeping regularly, because the production of your growth hormone can be negatively be affected, making your efforts almost worthless.  Getting about six to eight hours of sleep every night will be effective in letting your body heal.