Online Workouts

The Pros and Cons of an Online Workout

Being online makes everything more convenient, including getting fit.  Getting fit has never been easier.  There are probably gyms within 5 miles of each other. There are a dozen websites, bloggers, and Instagram models that all give tips on exercises or even full workouts.

The Pros

Access to All Fitness Styles:

Online workout programs have been a huge fitness trend.  There are a dozen of resources at our finger tips.  This includes every style of fitness. There are workout programs in yoga, zumba, pilates, cardio, spinning, and more company based workouts like BodyPump, Les Mills, Beach Body. 

Cost Efficient:

Online workout programs also tend to be cheaper.  There are even pdf's that you can download that allow you to use over and over again for one fair price.  Some can be pricier or have a fee to keep your subscription, but for the most part they are cheaper. You can even get the most out of it utilizing the workouts as much as you want.  

Flexible Time and Location:

If it’s online, clearly it’s on your time.  You can choose whether or not you want to take them into the gym or in your living room, basement, garage, or outside. It also allows you to pick how long you want to work out.  It is all up to YOU.

The Cons

No One is Adjusting You:

The major con for online workouts is not getting feedback.  So unfortunately, you can be using the wrong technique and get in a habit of it without realizing it.  Bad technique can be harmful, depending on the specific workout.   

Lack of Motivation:

The second major con, is potentially the lack of motivation.  Without peers or instructor keeping you going, it is all on you. If this is a problem for you, keep your goals in mind, blast some music to your liking and don’t give up.  Remember, you can finish your workout in longer or shorter times for your preference.

Progress Evaluation:

Online workout programs don’t have someone to talk to most of the time.  If you are using a trainer online, you may get to talk to them on your own.  Evaluating your progress will take honesty. To get the progress you want, you will need to motivate yourself and keep at it.  

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