Improving Concentration & Focus Naturally

ADHD seems to be a controversial topic. Many people may think it is just laziness or something “that is all in your head”, and if you put your mind to it, you can do it. ADHD is more than just a lack of focus, it also includes an inability to sit still, urges to interrupt or ask questions, and impulsive behavior. I decided to begin some research and look into other ways to improve our concentration and focus without ADHD medication. After doing some research, here are some tips and tricks to help:

Two Things at Once

Yes, I gave in and bought a fidget spinner, and I almost understand why they became so popular. Usually, if I were doing a task, such as studying or homework, or even reading a book, I would sway my legs, tap my foot, or rub my fingernails. I found out that doing two things at once might facilitate “buffering”. This means that once stress surfaces, a relaxing counter-measure may help, which is why doodling, fidgeting and even exercise is beneficial. 

Remove Distractions

If you need to focus, you have to get rid of all distractions. That means cell phones, social media platforms, TV, and go to an isolated place where no one can distract you. I found this especially helpful when I was in school and studying for exams. I would leave my cellphone on airplane mode and go to a building where I knew my friends wouldn't be so I could get my work done. 

Brainwave Entertainment

Different music frequencies have been scientifically proven to boost brain function. I personally like “Study Aid 8” which can be found on YouTube (

Eat Brain-boosting Foods

Egg yolks - loaded with phospholipids and micronutrients - are one of the greatest foods for concentration and focus.

Blueberries- blueberries have been known to show impressive cognitive benefits.

Coconut oil- the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) convert to ketones in the liver and can be used as metabolic energy in the brain.

Gelatin (or bone broth)- loaded with the proteins proline and glycine, which both act as crucial neurotransmitters in the brain.

Last but not least limit your Caffeine and Sugar Intake!