How to Stop Procrastination

Just Do It!

There are some of us that are creatures of procrastination, no matter the urgency you feel, it’s just not going to happen. It’s easy to do. We have the internet at our fingertips allowing us to scroll through hours of our friends doing things.  Putting off important tasks has never been easier. It’s preventing us from achieving so much. There are so many better things we could be doing instead of the endless cycle of putting things off.  Here are some tips to help you cut your procrastination habit.

Break Work Into Little Steps

Doing our important tasks is so hard because it seems overwhelming.  Forcing the big project into small, do-able tasks can help us feel more accomplished and even get it done.  Even if you can just force yourself to get started, sit there for a few minutes and then get through those tasks. Getting a little done at a time can also help.  Breaking your project into phases can even help make your task seem less overwhelming.

Change Your Environment

We all have a place we enjoy doing work, sleeping, eating, etc.  We create these environments to allow different activities.  To jump start productivity, try going down to the local coffee shop and get in gear. 

Buddy System

Having a friend to study with or to be with while you work, can be very beneficial.  Only, of course, if they’re doing work too and not being a distraction.  Seeing someone else knuckle down can inspire you to stick to your task.  

Create a To-Do List and Timeline

A big project and a deadline weeks away makes it feel like you have all the time in the world. In reality, this project may take time researching, creating, revising, and finishing.  Breaking down the project, and creating a timeline when things should be done should encourage you to get it done.  You can have your time line right down to the little detail of looking at an article.