How to Reach Your Goals!

Goals are extremely important in the fitness industry.  Being successful in our goals takes planning.  To be successful, knowing the pathway to our goals is how we can achieve them.  So how can we ensure our goals? Here are seven ways to increase your chances of being successful in your fitness goals:

Know Your Long Term Goals

What is it you want at the end of this? We all know fitness is a journey and never truly ends, but in the next year what is it you want? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to eat a more balanced diet? Write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see every day.  Being reminded of your promise to yourself will help you be more dedicated.

Set Short Term Goals

Our long term goal is what we’re striving for, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication.  Writing out short term goals as steps will help you achieve them.  Write down goals for every month, or even weekly.  Make this your motivation.  Be reasonable, we aren’t going to lose 15 pounds in a month, but two? Yes. Five? Yes. Be realistic and stick to it. 

Make Your Goals Measurable

Saying you want to look better is a great goal, but it is not a concrete goal.  Talk about your weight, BMI or measure your body. Those are your goals. Monthly weigh ins or measurements is one way you can be successful.

Make Your Goals Attainable

Unrealistic goals are just setting yourself up for failure. Also, you can get frustrated with yourself and lose your confidence.  Make these goals attainable, you will have more success in reaching them, allowing yourself to make new goals as you go along. 

Follow Through With Specific Plans

Creating an action plan for your short term goals will help you attain them.  Whether you’re speaking to a fitness trainer or following a regimen online, keep your mind in gear.  Write down everything, record your calories, macros, the amount of weight you are lifting, your distance and time. It will keep you on track. 

Find Intrinsic Motivation

Yeah, looking good is a great motivator. But so is feeling good! You need to put your whole heart into it. Find something you enjoy to reach your goals. You don’t like running? Try soul cycling. You will fall short of your goals if you can’t find that passion, that interest to keep you going. 

Reward Yourself and Have Fun

These goals don’t have to be all business. Have fun with what you’re doing! Do activities, go on hikes, play basketball, it doesn’t all have to be stuck in a gym. Let yourself enjoy a piece of cake, don’t go crazy, but a little slice won’t curb your goals.  Buy yourself new shoes or a new pair of pants. Motivation is everywhere. We all have times when we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. You’ll get through it. Keep your head down and keep grinding.