Eat Drink Workout

Best Things to Eat/Drink After Your Workout 

Working out can be exhausting, and sometimes our body needs refueling.  After a day of pumping iron, put some energy back into your body with these powerhouse foods to keep up the good work.


Whey protein has as much protein as an entire chicken breast.  Our protein levels go down after a good lifting session that need to be brought back up.  Whey causes an insulin spike, which encourages muscles to absorb glucose and replenishes energy stores.  Not only that, whey increases your immune system activity.  Adding whey into your diet can cause you to burn twice as much body fat. 


Eggs are a great little compact food filled with protein and amino acids. They contain amino acids that reduce muscle damage to the body.  

Sweet Potatoes

Your protein isn’t the only thing that needs replenishing, but so does carbohydrates. Working out breaks down muscle glycogen, and the way to replace that is eating some carbs.  Sweet potatoes are a secret super food with three days’ worth of vitamin A and 26 grams of carbs.  Not only that, sweet potatoes are a great fiber filler. 


The good fat addition that can help your metabolism.  An avocado can help absorb vitamins A and E while also adding some B vitamins. B vitamins aid in your body’s ability to metabolize carbs and proteins.  

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice can curb that muscle soreness with some heavy amounts of antioxidants.  It would take about 120 whole cherries to get the same effect as 24 ounces of tart cherry juice.

Green Tea

This slightly caffeinated powerful tea can help metabolize fat and kick out free radicals.  This helps decrease inflammation and muscle soreness.  

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is a great recovery drink alternative.  It rehydrates you while restoring muscle glycogen. Not only that, it has calcium, healthy fats, and whey protein.