Pregnant Exercises

Whether or not you desire the experience of pregnancy, there are some things to consider. Being pregnant does not mean you have to quit exercising. Of course, there are exceptions to this, talking to your doctor can give you the answers you need. Exercise and pregnancy are possible together, and they’re great together. 


Recommended Exercises During Pregnancy



Yoga is great for relieving stress and pressure of the body.  Luckily, there are special prenatal yoga classes at most locations.  These are to keep people from over stretching and to be safe.  If you’re at all uncomfortable being in the studio there are plenty of videos that are instructional. 


Stationary bikes are great because they keep the risks of the environment at bay.  The bike supports your weight, relieving stress on your body.  Bicycling can be great to stay in shape, just being careful and not over-exerting is important.


Walking is great, and has no harmful effects on the baby.  It is better on your body than jogging or running.  Stretching and wearing good shoes decreases pressure on the feet and risk of falling.  


This is considered the optimal exercise for pregnant women.  Swimming is a great full body workout and takes off the stress on your body and joints.  It also minimizes added weight and supports you.  Swimming is extremely safe for the pregnancy, taking the risk of falling out completely. 


The kegel muscles are great to strengthen to control the muscles that are used during labor and delivery.  Toned kegels also help in minimizing bladder leak problems and hemorrhoids. Kegels are great for perineal healing and strengthening pelvic floor muscles. These can occur anywhere and everywhere.