Marijuana Massage

Marijuana Massage


New in the health industry is the marijuana massage. To get one of these, as of right now, you have to have a medical marijuana card. This rubdown will not get you high, unlike many people’s expectations. What will happen though, is CBD and THC infused oil will be massaged into the skin. The main thing to gain in this marijuana massage is pain relief

CBD and THC are called endocannabinoids that bind to receptors within the central nervous system.  The endocannabinoid system controls inflammation and pain. CBDs has been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects that can decrease pain. The relaxation that the THC and CBD infused oil on the skill is supposed to relax and calm down the muscles allowing the massage to be more effective. Massages on their own are supposed to decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and soothe tension in muscles.  With the addition of CBD and THC oil, it would allow a loosening of the muscles to allow more reliefand access. 

The Benefits of the Marijuana Massage? 

First off, not only does it help the patient, it helps the massage therapist as well.  It’s been stated that during a regular massage, a masseuses hands are achey and can be cramped. But, during a marijuana massage, the masseuse has stated it releases tension in the hands as they work and relieve some cramping that usually happens. 

If you’re one to stress during a massage, maybe marijuana massage is your way to go. It has been reported that the body will take the pressure easier and the relaxation will stay longer allowing a lasting effect. Our bodies need to relax sometimes.