Local Honey: Reduce Seasonal Allergies

Can Local Honey Help Your Allergies? 

In short, maybe. There has been no scientific proof, but the theory of it is more than possible.  Local honey could be the natural remedy to your seasonal allergies.  Local honey is the honey made from local trees, flowers, the things that cause your allergies in the first place.  Using honey to prevent these could be the cool new way to get relief.  

How Does it Work? 

Immunotherapy:  This means using a small amount of something to cause you to become immune, or less sensitive to it. This would be like a vaccination.  Allowing your body to detect it in small doses to determine how to fight it off.  Eating the honey could trigger an immune system response to prevent the antibodies necessary to fight off. Then, your body is actually exposed to the seasonal allergy causer, the antibodies would be ready for them.  

If you want to try this, even if there is no true evidence, remember to use local honey.  Local honey is produced by the bees within a few miles of your home.  Using the closer to home honey is suggested to be better. The bees would be pollinating the varieties of flowers, trees, and grasses that initially effect you.  Even if it doesn’t give you some allergy relief, who can say "no'' to some tasty local honey? 

I find this very interesting:  After having a food intolerance test; on the standard scale, 3 being the worst; honey was rated a 2. I drastically reduced my honey intake, as I was adding raw honey to my tea everyday. I experimented and it seems as if I do get a stuffy nose following consumption. I will continue to test this and see if the result remains the same. I do love raw honey, but I like being able to breathe more.