Life with an Autoimmune

Life With An Autoimmune by Anna Boger

Autoimmune disorders are some of the nastiest diseases we can get.  Why? Because they’re invisible.  You don’t know whether or not someone has them. Which can cause the person who does to feel alone.  No one can even come close to understanding the daily pains they go through.  People who do have one are commonly called Autoimmune warriors, because they are battling these everyday.  So what is it like having an autoimmune disorder? 

Being Germ Cautious:

Having an autoimmune disorder means that their immune system is little to none.  They can get sick from anything. Whether or not someone is visibly sick, someone with an autoimmune disorder can pick up the germs and get sick.  It’s frustrating for someone to hear “I’m not sick” from someone. Many people carry disease ridden germs without their knowledge.  Sharing water glasses, utensils, anything that can spread more germs than necessary should be stopped.

Skipping Out On Plans:

Having sudden bouts of sickness or fatigue is a huge worry for anyone with an autoimmune disorder.  There is only so much energy someone has with these diseases.  Being unsure of whether or not they can attend events or plans is normal.  

Being Exhausted Without Sleeping

Sleep tends to be such a hard thing to accomplish. It’s like being too tired to do anything, but too anxious to fall asleep.  This tends to be a vicious cycle too, causing more fatigue and less sleep until it just happens to cause you to sleep all day long where you get nothing done.  

Being Alone

One of the worst things, and hardest things to admit, no one will ever understand the pain. No one will ever understand the worries and the thoughts.  It’s such an invisible and lonely disease. Every single person goes through it differently. The medications that these warriors are put through are even tougher and make it harder to come to terms with. The best thing is a great support system, and to just listen. 

Remember, these diseases an incurable, they will never know the feeling of not living with the disease. They can be managed, but they will never truly go away.