Kombucha is something you can find at most grocery stores now a days.  It seems like these just popped out of no where, but the truth is Kombucha has been around since 220 BC. Here are some facts about this fizzy delicious drink. 


It’s made With Microbes

Kombucha is made with a fizzy symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast called SCOBY.  Kombucha is fermented with this starter culture. 

It’s A Probiotic

Kombucha is filled with beneficial bacteria.  This type of good bacteria, like yogurt, keeps you regular, improves digestion, and boosts your immune system.  

It Promotes A Healthy Diet

Instead of pop, reach for Kombucha. It has the fizziness we would expect with a carbonated drink without the negatives of pop.  Kombucha makes eating healthy and being healthy fun, since it seems like such a treat.

Watch Out For Added Ingredients

Not all Kombucha producers make it equal.  A lot of brands add sugar, or fill bottles with more than one serving. Do not fall for brands that produce something other than the healthy alternative it should be.  

Don’t Drink Too Much

Kombucha can be unhealthy in high consumption.  It contains lactic acid, which if built up in the blood stream can be life threatening. To get to this point though, you would have to be drinking bottle after bottle. 

Not A Caffeine Booster

Kombucha is a tea, but it doesn’t have nearly enough caffeine to get the same result as a cup of coffee. Kombucha usually contains 2-25mg of caffeine, so it could still keep you awake, but it won’t jolt you like most caffeine drinks. 

Contains Alcohol

It’s not to say your underage kids are purchasing Kombucha and throwing them back.  A bottled Kombucha has less than 5% alcohol.  To even meet the amount of a single light beer, you would need to drink over 6 bottles. 

Kombucha can be a great pop alternative with some great benefits. Just like all drinks, it shouldn’t be consumed in excess, so enjoy it’s tangy flavor in moderation.