Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief:

Knee pain is one of the most common ailments of people around the world but not everyone is aware of the source of their pain and are complacent simply dealing with the irritation unless further injury and pain occur.  If you don’t want to spend the money to have medical scans taken or simply want to prevent                                                                            future pain follow these simple steps.

Stretch and Strengthen:

Tight and weak muscles can lead to compensatory behavior from surrounding muscles and ligaments that may irritate and inflame the knee joint.  Stretches should focus on all four heads of the quadriceps as well as all three hamstring muscles but do not overlook your hip flexors and extenders and core as well because that is where movement originates.

Improve Posture:

If you find yourself slouching forward, shoulders rolled and neck out then you are placing your center of mass too far forward and forcing your knees to generate unnecessary breaking forces.  The source of poor posture can be attributed to your core, whether its anterior or posterior pelvic tilt, weak abdominals or tight hip flexors.  By focusing on correcting these deficiencies, your back will realign, shoulders will naturally pull back and your head will fall into place pulling back your center of gravity and relieving pressure on the knees.

Shoe Shopping:

I love shoes as much as the next person but admittedly I focus on aesthetics, often ignoring my flat feet and supination which has led to pain ever since I was young.  Don’t just buy the newest Nike or Adidas shoes because they look cool, instead find your local running store and have the employees analyze your walking and running gait to help you find the perfect shoe for your foot type regardless of the brand or how much the shoes look like hospital shoes.  If you feel you have high or flattened arches, ask your local podiatrist if they recommend custom orthotics.


There is a reason that Olympic runners warm-up for so long, the increased body temperature helps to loosen up their muscles and subsequently their joints.  Of course, afterwards ice is beneficial to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Stay Active:

You have to fight through pain to get rid of the pain.  That might not make sense but by staying active even through pain, you are strengthening the muscles that are involved in joint stability.  If normal walking or running are too stressful, try to swim, walk or run in a pool.  The water will help relieve pressure on your joints, provide light active resistance, improve stability, stretch muscles and reduce soreness.

Lose Weight:

Unmotivated to lose that beer belly? Too much pain to try to lose a few pounds? Use the elliptical or the stationary bike at the gym instead of starting with squats and running.  Don’t get discouraged by a lack of immediate results, the body takes three weeks to show any difference in physique assuming that a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen is followed as well.