How to Keep a Tan

In the summer spirit, let’s talk about (almost) everyone’s favorite thing. A Tan. For most people, a tan can make you feel good, happier, fitter, a little bit of an attention getter. The worst part? Is how fast it goes away. How can you keep your tan for longer?  


Tanning causes a change in pigment in the top layer of skin only.  To create the freshest skin possible, exfoliating would be your best bet.  This allows your skin to be as new as possible so you don’t have dry and old skin coming off before you’re ready.


Another way to shed some skin cells is shaving, or waxing, if you’re into that. Shaving is just another way to exfoliate dead skin off of you and allow your skin to be as new and ready as possible. 


Chlorine can take your tan from you. It is a bleach that does take the pigment away from your skin. Spray tan or sun tan, it will effect it. Of course, go swimming, enjoy yourself, just be careful on how long you spend in the chemical. 


PAT DRY.  Toweling yourself down with motions that wipe at your skin is exfoliating it. You don’t want that after a day out in the sun or after a spray down. 


CHUG SOME WATER.  Water is the greatest gift on this earth. It great for all kinds of skin care, health care, etc.  It can extend your tan, because your skin is healthy and hydrated and won’t peel as quickly.  Remember; those margaritas and beers dehydrate you!  Have some water to balance it out a little bit, but as always, enjoy yourself.