Exercise During Finals

Finals!  One of the most stressful weeks for a college student. Staying up all night, cramming for an exam that is tomorrow or the day after, or trying to quickly write a paper that’s due at 11:59 pm. There is so much focus on studying and finishing up work for classes, that sometimes, we don’t take time for ourselves—or “me time.” During this stressful week, students are barely getting up and moving around; we are either in the library or in a room studying and doing our work for hours and hours. Sitting down looking at a bunch of notes in a notebook or laptop. But, how many times are we actually getting up and moving our bodies to get our blood flowing? To get coffee or caffeine, maybe? To get food or snacks to binge eat, maybe? What about to literally get our bodies moving like doing an exercise or physical activity—barely. 

Finals week can be extremely stressful, but taking care of our bodies is just as important. Exercise helps with relieving stress and anxiety. When I’m exercising, it frees my mind for that hour or two. The workouts take away my stress from school for just the right amount of time. Also, after that workout session, when I go back to studying, remembering and taking in information is much easier than when I just sat there for hours staring at my notes. Your brain takes in new information easier after you have exercised. During exercise, your heart rate increases, which helps pump oxygen to the brain. Your brain will retain information easier and help figure out complex situations or problems. 

I know how most college students think that going to the gym during finals week isn’t quite ideal for them, or they believe they don’t have enough time for it. But, even if you go to the gym for thirty minutes, just thirty minutes, it can help you, your body, and your brain out. Coffee and caffeine isn’t going to do the trick. Snacking is definitely not going to help neither. Our bodies need movement, exercise, physical activity and any bodily movement we can get. Sitting in the library the night before a final, pulling an all-nighter, will not benefit you nor your brain. Exercise is the best thing for you during finals week. So, the next time you have to take a final, do an exercise for thirty minutes or more during your study breaks. It will benefit you during your exam and you will feel much better about yourself.