Dancing is Exercise!

Dancing could be the best kept secret of the best type of exercise. Dancing is both anaerobic and aerobic. The best of both worlds. To dance, you get to twirl, jump, and move, but you also have to keep your balance, and squat, and use your arms. A lot of people hate getting stuck in a routine. The great thing about dance is it is constantly changing. Moving on from the basics, you can put together a ton of combinations. Of course, not all of us have the creativity to make up our own moves. So what are the benefits of dancing? 

Calorie Burner

Dancing can burn upwards of over 400 calories an hour. It’s sweaty, it’s fun, it’s going to be difficult from time to time but you will feel great afterwards.

Creative Outlet

Whatever you are told to do, you are free to take it how you want to. You can put your spin on it. You can put on ridiculous costumes and be free to be yourself. If you’re doing it individually, you can choose your own music, your own moves, and just enjoy.

Improves Flexibility

Dancing stretches your body in crazy new ways. You’ll (maybe) be using new muscles that you never would have in a traditional exercise like running. Improving your flexibility reduces your change of injury and speeds up recovery to your muscles. 

There are tons of places that have dance lessons. From tap, jazz, ballet, to hip hop and contemporary. You can take ballroom or salsa or any style that would appease to you. You don’t need a partner or have any background to get in the groove. Thankfully, you may not have to pay full price if budget is your dilemma. You can find multiple deals on GroupOn. Now get out there and move!