Chores & Calorie Burning

Chores, we all have them. It seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to do the work we need to. We have work at work, work at the gym, and work at home. There are ways to burn calories that can also check off things on our to-do chore list.  So turn up the stereo and get your cleaning supplies, here is a list of chores that burn those calories away!


Sweeping or mopping can burn about 240 calories per hour.  It’s a great upper and lower body workout.  Working on the dirtiest spots first will cause more exertion, therefore, building up a sweat.  Then you can finish off a last sweep to get an efficient clean and workout.  

Mowing the Lawn:

Using a push mower can cause you to burn up to 325 calories per hour. Extra points if your lawn isn’t flat.  If you’re doing this, stay hydrated, for that sun can get hot quickly. 


We all gotta eat. Cooking can actually cause you to burn 150 calories per hour.  So get your cookbooks out and make a meal out of it.  

Shoveling Snow:

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you don’t have to worry about this chore. But, is it that lucky? You’re missing out on a 415 calorie burning per hour workout.  The best part is, snow means holidays too. So you’re not only burning calories, you’re burning holiday treat calories.  


Painting can result in a 290 calorie burn per hour.  Painting is a great workout for your arm muscles.  It builds lean muscle mass and can also stretch you out.  So whether you were thinking about retaining that deck or choosing a new living room color, keep in mind that calorie burn. 


Gardening is great for your stomach in two ways. Fresh foods, and 250 calories burned per hour.  Working in your vegetable or flower garden is great for clearing your mind. Gardening is also great for your wallet, reducing your produce purchasing. 

Working with your hands is a great thing for your mind and your body. So get your chores and workouts done!