Side Effects of Abstinence

Could abstaining from sex hurt your health? Sex isn’t the number one effect for our overall wellness, but it does have a lot of benefits.  Physical intimacy, arousal, and even orgasms have some great health benefits for you physically and emotionally. So what are the effects of staying sex-free? 

1. Fewer Endorphins

Sex releases endorphins, those feel good chemicals. Endorphins boost your mood and relieve pain.

2. More Stress

Sex makes you relieve stress. Sex shouldn’t be mistreated and the only tool to manage stress, but if you have the consensual opportunity, sex will help your stress levels decrease.  

3. Less Relationship Satisfaction

Sex can make you feel emotionally connected to your partner.  Orgasms release the chemical oxytocin, also known as “the bonding hormone”. Oxytocin produces the feeling of closeness and trust making you feel more connected. 

4. Self-Judgement and Lower Self-Esteem

Sex can lead to a stronger self image. With a low sex drive, a person can be lead to self- judgement, embarrassment, and anxiety.  

5. Erectile Disfunction

Sex more than once a week decreases erectile function.  Erectile disfunction can lead to more relationship problems and less sex even more causing a vicious cycle. 

6. A Less Toned Vagina

Sex promotes vaginal health. Sex stimulates blood flow, keeping vaginal muscles toned and maintaining their elasticity. 

7. Less Lubrication

Sex stimulates lubrication. Being sexually stimulated allows glands to produce the wetness inorder to be sexually active. Women that feel like they have not been turned on regularly can experience vaginal dryness, making sex painful. 

8. Lower Moods

Sex boosts your mood.  Low sexual activity can contribute to low moods which in turn can cause a lower interest in sex.  Engaging in some stimulation may help turn that around.  

9. Fewer Heart-Health Benefits

Sex can promote a heart-healthy lifestyle. Sex minimizes stress which can help the heart.  Low sexual activity can add to stress and poor cardiovascular health.  

10. Lower Immune Function

Sex can make your immune system work better. Lower stress levels allow your immune system to fend off illnesses easier. Being sex free can make you more vulnerable to illnesses. 

11. Lower Libido

Sex promotes more sex. Crazy huh? The less you have sex, the more you are used to not having sex. Your libido can be a “use it or lose it” type thing, so get going. 

12. Lower Self Confidence

Sex restores confidence. Being without sex can make one blame themselves as to why and thinking they did wrong.  Prioritize pleasure and give permission to enjoy sex.