FoodFlo, the Vegan Meal Prep Service

I can certainly say from experience eating meals from FoodFlo everyday and following a strict plant based diet I noticed several awesome changes in my health. First and for most, I noticed an increase in blood flow throughout my body. I was experience more energy at the gym, in which I was handling more weight and had extra stamina! This is because more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your muscles with a plant based diet.

I also want to stomp the myth that you cannot put on muscle eating a Vegan diet. There are approximately 11.1 grams of protein in 100 calories of Broccoli vs. 6.4 grams of protein in 100 calories of beef. FoodFlo is also gluten free! If you did not know, gluten is the number one leading dietary cause of inflammation. Inflammation starts in your stomach and can affect you in all areas of your body. If you make small changes today, I promise you will feel better. I was experiencing a nagging wrist that would flare up, especially during and after my training. I could not get rid of this, even with rehab exercise. However, when I cut out dairy and drastically reduced my gluten intake the pain went away. I can always rely on FoodFlo for delivering me the best quality food.

My personal favorites were the vegetable stir fry, lentil loafs, nut burgers and the nutrition bars on the go! There are plenty of sides, soups, bars and desserts to choose from. I hope you enjoy. 

FoodFlo delivers to the metropolitan areas in California, Arizona and Nevada. Chef Flo has had over 20 years of experience in this field as has had several celebrity clientele.