Filtering Our Water

We all know the story about the film, "Erin Brockovich," played by Julia Roberts.  Erin finds traces of hexavalent chromium in a town’s groundwater and she ends up receiving the largest settlement ever paid in a direct-act lawsuit in US history.

Now other than the fact I loved Julia’s smile and look in her younger days, the thing that grabbed my attention was, how clean is the water I’m drinking?

Surely all drinking water is free of contaminants?

Drinking water needs to meet strict safety standards before leaving a treatment plant. Pollutants can still enter either through runoff from fertilizers (Nitrates) or from natural deposits of minerals underground minerals such as lead or mercury.  Although EPA sets a minimum testing schedules for specific pollutants some people can be more vulnerable than others.

The health effects of drinking contaminated water are wide ranging and depend on the type of contaminants.  Nitrates can cause immediate threat to infants and lead can cause physical and mental developmental problems.

So what can we do?

From 1st July of each year, public water suppliers are required to mail their customers a drinking water quality report, called a consumer confidence report.  This details where your water comes from and what’s in it. 

What do I tell my clients?

Working out requires hydration, lots and lots of drinking water.  I recommend they add a charcoal filter to their Brita, which I keep in the fridge.  The charcoal filter works via reverse osmosis to cleanse tap water.  Overnight it becomes delicious tasting pure water.  Perfect after a tough gym session.