Aloe Vera Water

Aloe vera water is made from the aloe vera plant. It is not new, even though it seems like it suddenly popped up in the grocery stores. Aloe vera water has actually been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.

Nutritional Benefits


A serving of flavored aloe vera water contains around 65 calories. It contains around 30 percent of your daily value of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body maintain its health. It helps your immune system and helps you heal. Aloe vera water also contains B-12, folate, choline, copper, and potassium. B-12 helps your nerves and red blood cells stay healthy. It also helps combat fatigue. While choosing your aloe vera water, pay attention to the ingredients label. Stay away from added sugar aloe vera water since this decreases the nutritional value by adding calories without vitamins and minerals.

Glyconutrients and Other Beneficial Compounds

Aloe vera water contains eight sugars that form eight essential saccharides. These eight sugars are present in compounds called glyconutrients. Glyconutrients are not sweet tasting, they don’t immediately effect your blood sugar, like sucrose, table sugar, or other sugars. Aloe vera water also contains 20 of the 22 amino acids we all need. Aloe vera water contains 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that our body can’t produce on their own.

Health-Protective Benefits

Aloe vera water can benefit our gut. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help our constipation and heartburn. It can help suppress inflammatory bowel disease symptoms. Aloe vera water can have laxative effects as well as detoxifying the bowels, reduce fecal yeast, and improve gastrointestinal functions.