ADHD Effects on Life


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic disorder that can impact many components of an individual’s life. ADHD can create difficulties with education, employment, and relationships.


Symptoms caused by ADHD can negatively impact the individual’s ability to learn. ADHD can cause someone a serious lack of attentiveness and create impulsivity. “Adolescents and adults with ADHD have been found to be less likely to have achieved a further education degree.” Not only does it effect the process of learning, ADHD can cause an individual to fight more often with their peers and are more likely to have a psychology assessment.


ADHD effects can make work difficult. ADHD symptoms have been shown to negatively impact productivity which can effect the reputation as an employee. Adults with ADHD have a challenging time obtaining and maintaining a job. While looking for a job, adults tend to be more disorganized with their search. An adult can also have difficulty interviewing for lacking tunnel vision and having low quality answers because of their scattered thoughts. To minimize symptoms in the work place, having a private space reduces distraction increasing productivity.


Impaired relationships with peers, siblings, and other family members are greater in those with ADHD. It can cause depression, anxiety, and stress that effects the entire home. ADHD individuals have an increased symptom of irritability which can cause strain in relationships.
The inattention, impulsive talking, and forgetfulness can cause misunderstandings and negative feelings within a relationship or social interaction.