Things to Enjoy Down at the Beach


Who doesn’t love going down to the shore and enjoying the beach? If you’re a person who has made this a tradition, or brand new to it, there are a ton of things you can do that get your body moving. Being on vacation or being down the shore doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary. Explore where you are and enjoy!


Biking is a wonderful activity that can let you forget about time and just enjoy the atmosphere. Wherever you are, biking is usually possible. If you’re down the shore, the streets should be flat for the most part, making biking so easy. You can bike to restaurants, shops, the beach, or just to see what’s around you.

Walks on the Beach:

Walking on the beach is such a hard task sometimes. The sand is hard to walk in, making this a great workout. You can go closer to the ocean to make it less difficult.


There are plenty of things you can do on the beach. My personal favorite is cornhole. We use to play a lot of corn hole at the beach as well as Penn State tailgates. One of the newer and more popular games is called Kan Jam. This team friendly game is so much fun once you learn how to play. If you happen to have a lot of people down with you, get a game of wiffleball going. This family favorite gets everyone involved, and as much as they want. You can have those who want to chase down every ball and never stop moving and those who can post it at the bases. It allows resting as well when you’re batting.

Whatever you’re doing, add a little activity into your relaxing days. You’ll feel better and enjoy your vacation even more.