10 Times for Time Management


You know the saying, Work Smarter, Not Harder. Here are 10 tips to help you manage your time.

1. Complete Most Important Tasks First:
Completing 2 or 3 tasks that are the most important make the day already successful. This will allow you to move onto other things without the gut wrenching feeling of being behind.

2. Learn to Say “No”:

A lot of us make commitments that we know are going to stretch us out. Some of us want to say yes to impress our peers, or even our boss, but sometimes we need to say no. Having quality work over quantity is going to be more impressive than loading your plate too much.

3. Sleep at least 7-8 Hours:

Sacrificing sleep is never the answer. To let your mind and body function optimally, your body needs sleep.

4. Devote All of Your Focus:
It’s funny, we all keep all these tabs open, some that are social media, and we expect to get our work done. Letting ourselves concentrate on the task at hand, we will get it done quicker, letting you get to your social media sooner.

5. Stop Procrastinating:

Getting an early start is going to feel so good when you finish your task.

6. Stop Allowing Unimportant Details Drag You Down:

Being a perfectionist isn’t always great. Push past your need to reevaluate your work that you’ve done, finish it, and then go back and revise.

7. Turn Key Tasks into Habits:

Make your work habitual. It will make your tasks natural, enjoyable, and more efficient.

8. Give Yourself Time Limits:

Giving yourself a projected time can help you be more efficient. Knowing you only have three hours to complete a task will push you to focus.

9. Exercise and Eat Healthy:

A healthy lifestyle can actually help your productivity. Exercising and what you put in your body can give you energy, a clear mind, and help concentration.

10. Enjoy What You’re Doing:

We need to be doing something we enjoy. Of course, we all have tasks that aren’t exciting, but if we aren’t doing something we love or find exciting, we’re not going to be as productive as we can be.