Frizzy Hair Tips

It’s summer, which means humidity, which means frizzy hair. Frizzy hair occurs when there is a lack of moisture in your hair. So how do you get rid of it’s unruly behavior?


1. Don’t Skip Conditioner

Conditioner is the product that adds moisture into your hair. Without it, the cuticle of your hair will open up and let moisture in creating the frizz. To prevent your hair from weighing down on top of your head, only add conditioner to the midshaft to your ends.

 2. Skip Shampoo (On Occassion)

Every two days, ignore shampoo and only add conditioner. Conditioner does contain a small amount of the cleansing surfactants shampoo has. It will clean your hair without removing all the natural oils you contain.

3. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Hot air added to your strands only dehydrates it, causing frizz. If you need to blow dry, wait until your hair is 90% of the way dry, and then let the hair dryer on it.

4. Brush Your Hair Regularly

Brushing your hair distributes your natural oils. This will keep your hair hydrated which will help block out humidity keeping the frizz away.

5. Keep A Hair Serum Handy

A spray serum can be added from your ends and brought up to mid shaft to help with frizz. It’s a great touchup product to keep frizz at bay. Not only that, if it rains, this spray serum will help you manage hair poufs.

6. Use Body Lotion For a Ponytail

Even in a ponytail, our hair can frizz. Rubbing some lotion in our hands and running our fingers through our hair can help tame it.

7. Leave In Conditioner

Working out can cause our hair to actually dehydrate. Applying a leave-in conditioner before working out can help prevent frizz from occurring.