5 Strategies to Burn Fat


1. Check Your Goals

Clearly defined goals are key. Knowing what you want can help you maximize your fat loss. Setting goals keeps you motivated, and keeps it realistic. Set a goal that is attainable, so you can stay in the groove. Take some time to write down goals you hope to achieve. Be consistent.

2. Give Benchmark Workouts A Try

Learn bodyweight benchmark workouts and do them regularly. They put you to the test and give you a good sense of your base fitness level. Benchmark bodyweight workouts focus on cardio over strength and will tell you how you’re doing.

3. Approach Fitness As A Lifestyle

Fitness is anything but a hobby. It should be a lifestyle.
Approach your training as an integral part of a bigger picture. It can help turn your habit into a lifestyle. Tighten up your diet. Making a serious change to your nutrition routine will help you get to your goals. Doing this with baby steps will gradually improve your lifestyle. Track what you put in your mouth as well, it will keep you accountable. But also, don’t deprive yourself. A cheat meal is okay, just don’t go crazy.

4. Try Tabata

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that is about 20 seconds of all out work followed by 10 seconds of rest. It’s a combination of intense cardio exercise with a resistance movement. It is a crazy way to get to your goals.

5. Build a Community and Get Support

Join a gym, enroll in a fitness class, Facebook group(my personal UnStahlable group), this can be anything to help you get to your goals.