60 Second Energy Boosters

Goddess Pose.png

Getting out of bed in the morning can be a surprisingly difficult task. Maybe you didn’t have the best night's sleep due to tossing and turning. Once you do wake up, maybe you find that the coffee you are sipping on isn’t doing the trick.

            To start at the beginning of the day, think of your alarm clock as an opportunity clock. Refuse the urge to slam the snooze button. You should get up right away and move into “goddess pose”, which is standing with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, sinking down into a squat position, with your arms in the air at a 90 degree angle. Then you want to stand up straight, sink back down, and repeat for 60 seconds. It is great for opening up the chest and loosening up the hips!

            After a quick morning warm up to get your blood flowing, you should be consuming a healthy breakfast to keep you going throughout the day. You can still have a cup of coffee, but also hydrate with water. A very healthy breakfast that gives you energy is Greek yogurt, because it contains less carbs and sugars than regular yogurt, along with a plate of fruit, which are complex carbs and fiber, and then a hard boiled egg! You can even take a hard boiled egg on the go if you are running short on time.

            Once you hit the mid afternoon slump, instead of running out of the office to get a venti coffee from Starbucks, just a little marching movement while sitting at your desk chair, along with raising your arms up above your head, helps to increase oxygen intake which in turn increases energy.

            After lunch, a mid day snack can help to keep you going. A whole-wheat pita chip paired with hummus is packed with fiber and protein. It's a great healthy snack. If you are in a rush and on the go, edamame is another great healthy snack that can help fill you up.

           After work, and having a long day, instead of coming home to slouch on the couch, you can sit on the edge of the couch, with your core engaged and tight. Lean back slightly and bring your legs up into the air, squeezed tight together, and perform toe taps down, and then come back up.