My name is Nick Stahl. Fitness & Bodybuilding has been a huge part of my life for the last fourteen years. My fitness journey began back in the 8th grade, I had a huge crush on a girl. She told my classmates my head was too big for my body. Being a small, skinny kid growing up, I was really hurt by these words. I then seek’d out my dad’s help regarding weight training. He broke out his old school weight bench & equipment downstairs in our basement and taught me some basic movements. I fell in love with training and since then I have not looked back!

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Kinesiology Movement Science in May of 2015. I packed up my car and embarked on a cross country road trip. I was moving to Southern California to pursue my dreams in the fitness industry. I touched down in Venice Beach California where I started training at the world famous Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym. I have competed in seven bodybuilding competitions so far. Two of them being at the national level where I fell a few places shy of earning my IFBB Pro card.

The UnSTAHLable “WHY”

I want people to live smarter & longer. To love more and live happy lives. What is most important to me, is to inspire & teach kids, teenagers and students so they can to have the building blocks they need on this journey we call life. Personal health and longevity is very important to me. While living the good life; health, wealth, love, happiness. To accomplish the “Good Life,” you must start with your health and the others will then follow.

We have BIG GOALS Too!

As a Founder of UnStahlable, my Goal was to launched this site in hopes to make a difference in your life by providing as much value, motivation and inspiration as I can. The UnStahlables now have over 300+ blog articles to get lost in. Use to self-educate, as self-development has been a huge part of my success. Let me use my experience and knowledge as an outlet to change your life just as fitness has changed mine, through your health, sport, overall well-being and success. I truly believe your environment plays a larger factor than genetics, where do you spend your time, who do you spend it are keys to living a healthy and happy l lifestyle.

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